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1833 Society contributes funds towards first bond payment for Peterborough Library

Peterborough Town Library/Photo by Meghan Pierce

The 1833 Society and Peterborough Library Trustees announced good news for the town at the June 21st Peterborough Select Board meeting.

Because the Library restoration and renovation project was completed under-budget, The financial oversight committee, led by Mike Morison, officially held their last meeting, and made recommendations to the 1833 Society for the available remaining funds. Sue Martin, 1833 Society Vice-Chair, told the Select Board that approximately $92,000 will be paid over to the Town after July 1st, and the funds are to be used for the first payment on the library bond.

“This was an amazing public/private partnership,” said Sue Martin. “We are grateful to the taxpayers and the town leadership for their support. The 1833 Society Board voted to share the budget surplus with the town, in keeping with our partnership agreement and in full transparency.”

The remainder of the funds will be placed in a newly created 1833 Trust Fund and managed by the Library Trustees. The funds will be restricted for use towards any remaining campus expenses, such as the south lawn landscaping, which will be completed after the Main Street bridge project is finished and the temporary pedestrian bridge removed.

“The 1833 Trust Fund will be used for any campus improvements and in-line with the scope of the original project,” said Library Trustee Chair Tina Kriebel. “For example, we will pay off the solar panels when our power purchase agreement term is up, and we have plans to add mechanical shades to the children’s area.”

The renovated Peterborough Town Library was completed in September 2021. Since it’s opening, the library has had over 42,000 visits, an increase of 22% compared to 2019, the last comparable year of library service. The five new multi-purpose meeting rooms have been booked by outside groups over 500 times, circulation of physical items is up by 8%,
and 684 new library cards have been issued.

For more information about the library project, please visit our website at or call (603) 924-8040 for more information.

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